NEW Zehnder Nova Neo

Leading the way in high performance, energy efficient heat distribution for systems operating at low-water temperatures, the Zehnder Nova Neo radiator is the ideal partner for renewable technologies within residential and commercial buildings.

Developed following the tried and tested design of a typical heating panel the Zehnder Nova Neo works in conjunction with low water temperature/renewable energy heating systems to provide an extremely high heat output with exceptional controllability. Its slim proportions and elegant lines also ensure it blends effortlessly into different surroundings.

Innovative Design
A hybrid of heating technologies the Zehnder Nova Neo operates like a conventional radiator, but utilising ingenious new technology (New Energies Optimised) it also incorporates small yet powerful fans coupled with a heat emitter to boost heat output quickly and efficiently, as and when required. This mixture of radiant heat and forced convection makes the Nova Neo the first radiator of its kind on the market and combines outstanding performance with superior energy efficiency. Incorporating radiant and convected heat also gives a high level of comfort as opposed to convection only.

The Renewable Solution
Meeting the requirements of today’s and tomorrow’s heating system; the Zehnder Nova Neo offers efficient heating at system temperatures of between 25°C – 40°C. This makes it suitable for use with all renewable resources such as heat pumps, solar-thermal and condensing boilers and helps deliver optimum system performance with reduced energy consumption.

Fast and efficient
When heating without fans the Zehnder Nova Neo operates like a conventional radiator by disseminating radiant and convected heat. Activating the integrated fans increases convection and therefore greatly boosts the heating output. On average the heat output it increased up to four times more than a conventional radiator when operating at speed 3, but in some instances it can be up to 8 times more effective. Please see speed settings and heat output figures on pages 4 and 5 of the attached Technical Specification sheets.

As a result, when compared with a conventional radiator or underfloor heating system, the Zehnder Nova Neo achieves a significantly quicker heat-up time when operated at the same system temperature. This helps reduce overall energy consumption, lowers carbon emissions and improves the heating experience for the user.

Retrofit installation
As the Zehnder Nova Neo has been developed around the design of the standard panel radiator it is as equally suited to retro-fit projects as new build. As such it provides specifiers with a straightforward solution to increasing the energy efficiency of a building whilst also reducing installation costs and minimising disruption to existing fixtures.

Unlike underfloor heating which reacts slowly to temperature fluctuations the Zehnder Nova Neo is fitted with a thermostatic control for an immediate response. As soon as the temperature falls below the pre-set level the fans come into effect to boost the heat output and ensure a continually comfortable indoor climate. The Zehnder Nova Neo has 4 settings with 3 fan speeds. To ensure maximum energy efficiency and a continually comfortable indoor environment the boost speed responds to the ambient air temperature and goes down as the room temperature increases. Speed 3 is a manual override for additional heat when required and has a maximum time setting of 1 hour to prevent fuel wastage. 

This high level of controllability and flexibility make the Nova Neo a great alterative to underfloor heating for educational and commercial buildings which are often used by community groups in the evenings and weekends. In contrast to underfloor heating, which would need to be run continuously throughout the day to ensure a comfortable indoor climate out of hours, the Zehnder Nova Neo can be activated as and when required, minimising energy wastage and carbon emissions whilst also reducing running costs.

Energy consumption
The Zehnder Nova Neo uses extremely efficient fans to force convection, thus ensuring maximum heat output and comfort for minimum energy usage and carbon emissions. The fans are also very quiet, operating at 35 db (A) in Boost mode and 20 db (A) at Speed 1. Utilising less energy than the average standby power for a television (20 W/h) or a low energy light bulb (11 W/h for a room of 15-20m2) it is a very cost effective heating solution.

Reduced size
Thanks to the maximum efficiency achieved by the fans the required size of a Zehnder Nova Neo is considerably smaller than that of a conventional radiator to provide the same heat output. As a result the Zehnder Nova Neo requires fewer raw materials for manufacture.  

In addition to the energy saving credentials of the Nova Neo it is also a very stylish addition to any setting. Compact, slim and visually attractive it is available in a wide range of models, colours and surfaces. Extremely flexible it can also be adapted to the most varied output requirements and architectural situations as if made-to-measure.

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