19.11.2017 Author: Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

How you can solve your company’s high heating costs – our tips

The overarching goal in business is to make as much profit as possible. By simply reducing your operational expenditure, such as high heating costs, you can ultimately increase your company’s bottom line.  


Sky high heating costs


Heating a large building or factory can be a substantial cost that eats up your income fast. According to the European Commission, heating and cooling accounts for 50 % of the EU’s annual energy consumption. The logistics sector is responsible for a large portion of this power drain which of course, comes at a cost. For this reason, many businesses are looking to reduce the amount of energy they consume to fuel their heating needs – and as a result, spend less money.

The European Commission also highlights that the renovation of existing buildings, modernising or even ‘greening’ their infrastructure, could lead to lower energy consumption. However, a refurbishment is a costly exercise and the current rate of buildings being redone is below 1 %. Most businesses that have reviewed how much their energy consumption costs are, want to reduce their heating expenditure but don’t want to spend valuable resources on renovations.

Fear not, there is a solution.


Better air circulation = better heat distribution


Heating and air purification are generally considered as two separate elements. In reality though, the one can actually influence the other and the cleaner your air is, the lower your heating costs will be.

How? By installing an air purification system like Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, the air in your warehouse will not only be cleaner, it will circulate from ceiling to floor. This means that the warm air that passes through your Zehnder unit in the purification process will be more effectively distributed throughout your warehouse – providing better heat.

Additionally, the Zehnder units come with EC fan technology which is incredibly energy efficient and reduces your energy consumption costs even further. In fact, these units can improve your warehouse’s energy efficiency by up to 30 %.

Reducing your heating costs doesn’t have to be an expensive headache. It’s as easy as installing one of Zehnder’s air purification systems in your warehouse. You’ll not only benefit from lower heating costs and greater profit - your working environment will be far more pleasant. 


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