25.09.2017 Author: Zehnder Clean Air Solutions

A company health checklist to increase productivity and profits

The advantage of a healthy working environment is that it contributes significantly to business productivity and therefore profits. It’s simple really: a clean, healthy and safe workplace encourages employees to work harder and more efficiently which ultimately, gives your bottom line a boost.

While you might already be well aware of this, you may be struggling to achieve an optimum working environment. A company health checklist can help you evaluate where your problem areas are and guide you towards a solution. Here are the main aspects you need to consider:


1. Access to health and safety information


Does your company provide your workers with accurate and up-to-date safety information? There are many health hazards that employees need to be aware of, such as exposure to chemicals, dangerous equipment and excessive dust and noise. To mitigate these risks, you need to make sure that informative posters, screens and leaflets are placed in highly visible and prominent places. To avoid getting hurt, your employees need to be informed and aware of any dangers at all times.


2. Safety processes


The company health checklist also reviews the processes your company has in place to deal with any incidents and accidents that occur. You need to check whether or not your company follows a specific process to report accidents, records how and when the injury was sustained – and puts measures in place to prevent it from happening again.

It’s also a good idea to look at how long your company takes to process employee health and safety queries and complaints.


3. Training programmes


Most factories and warehouses feature potentially dangerous equipment. The company health checklist calls for regular staff training to ensure that all equipment operators understand how to use on-site machinery safely.

There are numerous workplace methodologies that can be employed to improve operational processes. Training in the Japanese methodology of constant improvement – Kaizen – is one such example. Kaizen focuses on the reorganisation of an entire production area to improve individual work stations and thus, employee productivity.

Another Japanese training methodology is 5S. This organisational approach values efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. It’s guiding principles are: seiri (tidiness), seiton (orderliness), seiso (cleanliness), seik-etsu (standardisation) and shitsuke (sustaining).

Incorporating these methodologies in your training processes will ensure employees know exactly how to operate machinery without getting hurt. 


4. Welfare facilities


A company that rates highly on the health checklist is one that gives its employees adequate welfare facilities. To determine if your workplace passes the test – consider whether your staff have access to the following:

- Clean drinking water

- A break room for lunch

- Secure lockers for personal belongings if they cannot keep these items with them while they work


5. Good ventilation and clean air


A healthy workplace is characterised by good ventilation and clean, breathable air. If your company’s manufacturing processes create large amounts of dust or fumes, your employees are exposed to the hazards of poor indoor air quality.  

Many people don’t realise that the quality of indoor air is often worse than that outdoors. What’s more, indoor air isn’t regulated in the same way outdoor air is. For example, some European cities are banning cars, trucks and motorbikes on their streets to reduce air pollution, yet indoor air remains unregulated.

However, this does not mean that you can let your indoor air remain dirty, you have a responsibility to provide your employess with breathable air that won’t negatively affect their health.

By installing an industrial air purification system, like Zehnder Clean Air Solutions, quality air can be achieved and maintained in your workplace at all times.

A safe and healthy workplace enhances your company’s image and reputation, and boosts employee productivity. At the end of the day, if your company is healthy, your business’ profits will be too.  If you’d like to see these benefits in your business – give us a call.