How about a world class 96% heat recovery efficiency?
The new ComfoAir Q range offers outstanding energy and noise performance and smart technology that helps improve installation process and accuracy on-site.
Decorative radiators
Our individual decorative radiators for living areas and bathrooms not only make a home warmer but also more attractive. Created by renowned designers, they impress with excellent functionality.
Comfortable indoor ventilation
Our comfortable indoor ventilation is energy-efficient and provides a healthy indoor climate. It promotes the well-being of the occupants and increases the value of the property.
Heating and cooling ceiling systems
Zehnder heating and cooling ceiling systems are convenient and energy-efficient for heating and cooling. They are perfectly attuned to the relevant environment.
Clean air solutions
Clean air solutions from Zehnder reduce the level of dust in the air, create a healthier indoor climate and reduce the amount of cleaning required.

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